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On the morning of July 16, the Shenzhen Municipal Social Organization General Association held the theme salon of the “Starting and Innovating” Shenzhen Social Organization. Secretary Chen Yakai presided over the salon event to present the entrepreneurial and innovative theme as a guiding speech, recognize the characteristics and problems of the past entrepreneurial era, and seek greater breakthroughs in the era of innovation beyond the courage of the entrepreneurial era, and form a virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship and innovation. Shenzhen Watch Industry Association, as the vice president of the General Association of the People's Republic of China, Zhu Xihua attended the salon.

President Zhu Xihua said that “we must build our future 30 years with innovation”. There is an innovative process in both the system and the future development of industry associations. Over the past 30 years, the watch industry has made many attempts in institutional innovation, such as establishing Party group studios, the establishment of party branches, the organization of foreign-funded enterprises and party members, and so on. External innovations mainly focus on assisting Shenzhen's internationalization, such as overseas promotion and publicity, assisting Shenzhen “Wen Chuang Zhou”, etc., while deepening their understanding of Shenzhen, they also try to explore the road to innovation through various attempts. Plan for innovation ahead of time.

On the afternoon of July 18th, the Shenzhen Industrial Internet, which was organized by Shenzhen Guangming District Industrial and Commercial Bureau and Shenzhen Industrial Internet Alliance, was held in the Guangming District Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Shenzhen Industrial Internet Alliance leaders and experts introduced the development of Shenzhen's industrial Internet and the main purpose of the alliance to build a platform, integrate resources, and organize enterprises to actively participate in related work. Fei Qinyong, deputy secretary-general of the Shenzhen watch industry, attended the meeting and outlined the difficulties and prospects of the application of the industrial Internet in the watch industry. Guangming District Enterprise Huaxing Optoelectronics, Dongjiang Mould, Xinwangda, FIYTA and Underwear Association attended the meeting.

On the afternoon of July 18th, the “National High-tech Enterprise Application Work Conference” organized by Shenzhen Guangming District Science and Technology Bureau was held in the conference room of the District Science and Technology Bureau. The relevant person in charge of the District Science and Technology Bureau notified the overall situation of the national high-tech enterprise declaration. Representatives from all districts and major parks in the district attended the meeting and briefly reported on the state's high-tech enterprises in the region. Fei Qinyong, deputy secretary-general of the Shenzhen Watch Industry Association, attended the meeting and said that he would actively mobilize time for the enterprises in the Valley Park to actively participate in the declaration of national high-tech enterprises.

On July 19th, the corporate compliance training organized by the Shenzhen Fair Trade Department was held in the conference room No. 4 on the second floor of the St. Helen Hotel in Bolin, Shenzhen. Peng Hong, the financial director of the Shenzhen Watch Industry Association, attended the meeting. Guide the compliance management of watch companies and understand the future development trend, guide the watch companies to assess and respond to overseas business risks, and establish a sound corporate compliance management system and operational mechanism.


Source: Shenzhen Watch Industry Association
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