Training is to improve work efficiency


 The company attaches great importance to talent cultivation, in addition to internal training, there is also external training. In mid April, the company arranged for Manager Jiang Bing and Director Feng Tao from the production department to attend a two-day training session on "Improving Middle Management Ability".


Here are the training thoughts of Director Feng Tao, let's learn together:

On April 14th and 15th, 2023, I had the opportunity to participate in a middle-level management ability improvement training course provided by the company with Manager Jiang. The course was mainly divided into five aspects: role transformation, leadership influence, team building, coaching and motivation, and problem solving.


During the training course, Teacher Jiang, through immersive and interactive training experiences such as on-site questioning, scenario reproduction, and sandbox simulation, I have learned a lot. Now, the summary is as follows:

One is to play a leading role. As a manager, one should be good at performance in work and say "I'll do it" when encountering things. To become a qualified manager, one must lead by example, take the lead, proactively complete tasks, actively seek solutions in the face of difficulties, and set an example for department employees. Only in this way can one be persuasive and unite all employees to improve execution.

The second is the transformation of roles. Understand the three core roles of a manager: an executor who efficiently completes their own work, a manager who completes work through others, and a leader who influences others to adapt and drive change.

The third is the influence of leadership. There is a difference between managers and leaders. It is important to learn how to transition from a manager to a leader. Managers rely on (compensation rights, mandatory rights, and legal rights) to drive subordinates to do their work well, while leaders rely more on their own charm/ability to help subordinates do their work well, and rely on their own influence. As an excellent leader, one should be able to delegate power, focus on the big and small aspects of work, and let subordinates do what they need. Dare to take responsibility, never evade problems, and cannot be a pot flipper. Learn to share profits.

The fourth is team building. Middle level cadres should pay attention to team building and create a good working atmosphere of mutual trust, support, cooperation, assistance, and respect. Ensure that employees perform their respective duties, collaborate on different tasks, leverage strengths and weaknesses, and form a collaborative effort towards common goals.

Pay attention to methods and methods. The important management responsibility of middle-level cadres lies in using subordinates to achieve work goals. They should establish scientific goals and break them down to each employee, so that everyone can clearly understand the significance of achieving the goals.

Six is communication skills. Effective communication is crucial as it is an important way of transmitting information. Effective communication requires respect for the other party and a sincere attitude. To listen attentively, the other half of communication is to listen, to listen in all directions, to be attentive when listening, and to understand information and demands through listening. Make appropriate responses based on the changes in the other person's language, intonation, facial expressions, and body language. Open ended questioning, guided questioning, and appropriate use of different questioning techniques can have better communication effects. To have Empathy is to consider problems from the perspective of the other party.


Through two days of learning, especially understanding the difference between a manager and a leader, it has greatly touched me. As a middle-level cadre in the company, I must become a leader. Secondly, understanding the importance of communication and communication skills can help me achieve effective/efficient communication in my future work.


Finally, it is recommended that the company provide more training and learning for cadres at all levels. If given the opportunity, I would also like to participate in some skills and other management related studies.

Thank you very much for the learning opportunity provided by the company. I will strive to apply the knowledge I have learned to my work, improve my work efficiency, and create more value for the company.